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The Official Noxcrew FTB Server | NoxFTB Unleashed V 1.1.3

»»NoxFTB [UNLEASHED 1.1.3]««
The Official Noxcrew FTB Server | NoxFTB Unleashed V 1.1.3
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Welcome to the official NoxCrew Feed the Beast community server. If a long-term mature server is what you are looking for then this is a perfect server for you. On this server you will find a very tight-knit community where everyone is friendly and helpful; talking on TeamSpeak, assisting others in-game, and working together to build incredible creations.

We hold special events including Building Competitions and Game-Night. Competitions hold special rewards for those that compete!

Our staff is top-notch, helping players and managing any issues that may arise.

We are working on adding new features every day and always are open to player feedback.

Enabled Mods: Unleashed Version 1.1.3

  • Biomes-O-Plenty
  • Hats
  • Hatstands

In your launcher, click EDIT MODPACK. Then enable the mods above and launch the game.

Almost no banned items:

  • Barrels: Client crash issue with Tickthreading
  • Trade-O-Mat: Crash on certain items
  • Lux Capacitor: Bypasses Grief-prevention
  • Portal gun/Gravity Gun: Limited
  • MFFS: Bypasses PvP
  • Explosives: Placement off, items requiring TNT is still craftable.
  • Wrath lamps: Unnecessary and causes lag
  • Ic2 Pumps: Crash issues (alternatives available)
  • Creation of mystcraft worlds


  • Fair Donator Privileges
  • Mature player focus
  • Teamspeak3 server
  • Buildcompetitions
  • Quarry/caveworld
  • Challenging Miningworld for the brave
  • Game-Nights
  • Helpful and awesome staff
  • Player towns with portals in spawn

Hope to see you on our server soon!

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