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Viele Welten, wenig Banneditems, eigene Plugins, keine Laggs. Worauf wartest du noch… see more
164 points / 1898 total
1 of 100 beasts online
Listed on the 7th Jul 2014
Newbie-friendly server. PvP focused but we do NOT tolerate harassment. Very few banned items.… see more
162 points / 3337 total
9 of 35 beasts online
Listed on the 17th Mar 2014
Join auf und schon kann der Spielspa├č beginnen. Auf dich warten ein nettes aber auch kompetentes Supporter, Mod und Admin Team… see more
153 points / 966 total
4 of 40 beasts online
Listed on the 6th May 2014
* We strive to give our players the best experience possible, with a dedicated server and staff who care about players and the server.… see more
150 points / 4629 total
16 of 150 beasts online
Listed on the 11th Dec 2013
FTB Ultimate(GoreaCraft) server on dedicated server. Our map has recently reset! Events, PvP, BossMobs, join us on the fun today!… see more
147 points / 8827 total
3 of 50 beasts online
Listed on the 21st Apr 2013
Our staff is made up of professional people who have been working across many servers for many years. Our goal is Quality.… see more
143 points / 3786 total
10 of 35 beasts online
Listed on the 24th Dec 2013
This is our custom pack. Enter "Treno" under pack codes on the FTB launcher to download. Mods are focused on Tech and Farming.… see more
126 points / 356 total
0 of 30 beasts online
Listed on the 22nd Sep 2014
We had been established since 1st January (this Year). Our Community is still growing, with great members and staff to help you out....… see more
120 points / 2944 total
4 of 120 beasts online
Listed on the 9th Jan 2014
Join our server IP on: Our TS server: Website: Running on: FTB Ultimate V1.1.2… see more
118 points / 297 total
1 of 50 beasts online
Listed on the 4th Sep 2014
A very active server with an awesome staff and no banned items. Stop by and see how you like it!… see more
116 points / 597 total
8 of 20 beasts online
Listed on the 9th Aug 2014