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Horizons 2 Daybreaker Server, Towny, High end Server, randomspawn, Hardcore Economy, Family Friendly, Adult admins, Swear filter.

Family Friendly Daybreaker - Towny, Hardcore Econo

FTB Infinity -- New Server -- Mature Players and Staff -- Minimal Banned Items -- Fair Gameplay -- PvE


Serveur Feed The Beast Infinity en version 1.7.0 ! Modo actifs, aucun lag et de nombreux événements prévus ! Come on and have fun !


Hide yo diamonds hide yo base this is an ANARCHY server! Only Rules are do not purposely attempt to lag or crash the server. No items are banned so al

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158 - FTB Infinity 2.0.2 - Normal Mode


The first and only one Crash Landing Server: huge regions, coop, automated game over system, per chunk biome change system and much more...