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Top Ranked Feed The Beast Servers

ZyonTech is the server for you! We are known for our extreme kindness and awesome staff! We got a very high uptime, custom plugins and several ranks!… see more
57 points / 1423 total
5 of 100 beasts online
Listed on the 5th May 2013
ChaosTek - Survival Feed The Beast - Tech World 2 Multiverse Towny CoreProtect… see more
56 points / 289 total
0 of 50 beasts online
Listed on the 5th Mar 2014
Neue IP! GS welt doodlejump farm welt… see more
54 points / 96 total
0 of 50 beasts online
Listed on the 26th Feb 2014
Hi there! Free Community stand for Free Fun! We are a group of friends that just want to have some fun by building with blocks and make bigger machine… see more
54 points / 170 total
0 of 50 beasts online
Listed on the 8th Mar 2014
Hey Guys! Welcome to Nyskelith Monster Server! We are a small community of players who love Feed the Beast and playing multiplayer. We have several pl… see more
53 points / 465 total
2 of 25 beasts online
Listed on the 29th Jan 2014
-About The Server Ip: -Website:… see more
53 points / 485 total
0 of 70 beasts online
Listed on the 5th Feb 2014
Newbie-friendly server. PvP focused but we do NOT tolerate harassment. Only banned items are those that bypass soime kind of town protection.… see more
52 points / 134 total
12 of 15 beasts online
Listed on the 17th Mar 2014
PvP Provectus is a server running the RPG Immersion mod pack. Fight through many dimensions, upgrade your gear to fight the hardest of baddies!… see more
50 points / 3368 total
3 of 24 beasts online
Listed on the 15th Jul 2013
Easy to hold 30-40 players, very new start. Fantastic owners dedicated to just one server. Friendly community, website, forums and donation shops.… see more
48 points / 392 total
0 of 60 beasts online
Listed on the 5th Jan 2014
FTB Smp Welcome to FTBSmp Unleashed! We are a server dedicated to our players. We accept donations but we refuse to pay to win. 1.1.7… see more
46 points / 849 total
4 of 50 beasts online
Listed on the 27th Oct 2013